About Us

Welcome to our website!

We are young, active and ambitious team, which helps to find new opportunities for anyone wishing to try Cyprus and its labor market. For a long time working in the business consulting between Cyprus and Lithuania, we have gained experience and formed the long-term partnership. This allowed us to become the meeting place for many workers, willing to find job in Cyprus, and employers. This place is what we mean by saying KAISER RECRUITMENT AGENCY.

We are not looking for short-term success, our goal – to be organization where developing the long-term relations of our clients – employees and employers, students and practice supervisors or educational institutions etc. These relations are based on values-driven behavior and objective of value creation, which summarizes the three words: RESPONSIBILITY, COOPERATION, VICTORIES.

We strive our goals with high responsibility – both with regards to society and our customers and the environment. In cooperation we seek to listen to everyone, to offer the best solutions and to ensure the best results. This is called victories. Both – yours and ours.

From the experience of our clients, we know very well how long it takes to find good job position or practice place, what matters to both – employers and employees, also students. We also know that to find the job or worker is not the biggest challenge. It is more important to find a reliable employer for employees and for employers – the right employees. We know the recipe for success and we are here to help each other meet both worthy sides.